Planting with Uncle Jon​

Uncle Jon volunteers to plant with the children twice a month. He gets tested monthly to ensure he’s healthy to come into our program and work with the children. He has taught the children to grow a cherry tomato plant from seed! The children learned about various stages of growth and have cared for, watered, and fertilized their plant. They learned about photosynthesis cycle of which an emphasis has been put on the importance of sun, water, and carbon dioxide.

Though visitors are no longer allowed into our premises, family members within our community have volunteered their time to help further the children’s development through extracurricular activities.

Music and Movement with Teacher El

​We have music class with Teacher El through Zoom, a 30 minute class once a week per class. The children really enjoy music and movement. Teacher El loves being silly with the kids and really focuses her lessons on age appropriate lesson plans. She practices songs that stretch their vocals and use sounds they’re not use to using. 

Mandarin with Ms. Chengcheng

Ms. Chengcheng volunteers to teach Mandarin every Tuesday for 30 minutes.  Along with singing songs and reading books with the children, she will make the class interactive and fun. They have picked up so much of the language in such a short period of time!


Sports with Coach Ryan

Coach Ryan has volunteered his time to come twice a month to work with the children on sports and building gross motor development as well and focusing on hand eye coordination and body control. They enjoy learning different sport concepts with him. After a few lessons of soccer, the children  are understanding to do small kicks to control the ball, to step on the ball to stop it, to roll back to get it out of an area. The growth in such a small time frame is amazing!