My Little Learning Tree serves children from 2.5 to 5 years of age. The program strives to teach children first hand experiences which they will be able to carry with them throughout life. By providing a safe, educational, and socially enriching environment where children can learn to be self confident, the children in our program will gain a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

My Little Learning Tree stimulates a child’s curiosity and encourages well–rounded growth for all children based on their individual levels of development. Children are encouraged to develop a sense of self-worth while learning basic skills at their individual pace.  By participating in hands on activities and providing a nurturing environment, children will be able to develop whole body and hand eye coordination along with expressive language and listening skills. Language, literacy, and math concepts are introduced through every day experiences of the children. Having a nurturing and comfortable environment promotes self esteem and imagination. Our program strives to create a culturally sensitive setting in which we respect the variety of languages, cultures, and family structures represented in our school.​